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[juSTa] Hotels & Resorts - Everything Comes to Life Through Art

[juSTa] Work of Art
[juSTa] Hotels and Resorts is a chain of luxury hotels and resorts across major business & leisure destinations in India - with each hotel offering a unique experience hand crafted by Deepika Govind - India's leading fashion designer. Our hotels, with less than 50 rooms each, are geared to give you personalized service and a unique experience.

Luxury, Design, & Art at [juSTa] Hotels & Resorts

Art at [juSTa] Hotels and Resorts
Design of [juSTa] Hotels and Resorts

Experience hand crafted luxury created by fashion designer Deepika Govind who is known for her understated luxury & exquisite detailing. Welcome to a luxurious ambience with soft warm tones and textures. Enjoy our collection of hand picked original artwork at [juSTa] Hotels and Resorts. Explore [juSTa] Work of Art.

The JEHAN by [juSTa]

THE JEHAN by [juSTa] is one of a kind banqueting venue. Learn More about THE JEHAN.

green initiatives at [juSTa]

At [juSTa] Hotels & Resorts we believe in sustainable growth and have implemented green initiatives. Learn More about our Green Initiatives.