jüSTa Consulting

jüSTa's experienced leadership and management team offers consulting and advisory services to help other hotels increase operational and financial efficiency.

Asset Optimization & Advisory Services

  • jüSTa Asset Optimization & Advisory Services aims to assist Hotel Owners to achieve Optimization of their investment.
  • We offer comprehensive end to end services from Asset Planning, Development, Brand Compliance, Operations Set up & Monitoring of Hotel Operations.
  • We also offer 'tailor made' services to existing Hotels for Upgrading, Brand associations or continuity of Independent Operations with improved efficiency & preparedness for competition.

Development & Project

  • Consultants Review: Provide review for finalization of Hotel consultants, scope of work & fees.
  • Design Review: Review of project design to ensure compliance to Brand standards, work flows, energy efficiency, non duplication of services, assisting in brand compliance waiver, if required.
  • Project Budget: Review of project budgets for improved returns.
  • Design Compliance Review: During project execution & provide solutions & provide solutions on 'site issues', if any, to ensure brand compliance.
  • Pre Opening Services: Preparation of Operation equipment, Pre opening & Market launch Budgets based on operations review, launch period & competition bench marking.

Market Share and Profit & Loss Optimization Services

  • Market Review & Pricing Strategy: Analysis of competition review, demand drivers & market segments in the competitive market to arrive at Pricing strategy for all services.
  • Business Plan Documentation: Facilitate this critical exercise to finalize documentation to set key Hotel targets and the path to achieve them.
  • Revenue & Costs or Profit optimization: Facilitate overall revenue & cost planning to drive incremental revenues, benchmarking costs & eliminating wastage for improved profits.