Art - The Voice of Changing Times

Art by Young talented painters from Kolkata like Tamal Krisna, Tapas Ghosal and graphics by masters like Jogen Chaudry, Sonath Kar and young talented artists like Prashant Phirangi, Vishwanath etc., are on display in the hotel.

Artists from various parts of the country participated in an Art Camp at Turtlebay on Sea, Trasi - A juSTa Resort to recreate their jüSTa experience through art.

Art at other juSTa Hotels & Resorts

INDIA is in the midst of high energy and intense creative living.

Where is the brand that would fully reflect these prosperous times? What is LUXURY in India today?

Could it be a new dimension of luxury, one that is beyond the classic one upmanship, with roots in both yesterday and tomorrow?


What if the ultimate luxury was about to CONNECT TO THE SOUL?


We believe that a new star can be born in India; a star that express its spirit through ART, a bridge between cultures, region and time. As a place aspiring to provide new experiences, art is found not only within the hotelier's craft of hospitality but also through RE-INTERPRETATIONS of classic designs by modern artists.


The new Brand seeks to offer First class international hotel infused with 'SPIRIT of India' expressed by India Arts as well as re-interpretations of rituals as 'Art of hospitality'.


The changing times is magnified as an 'Artist-Hotelier's' evolving vision, thanks to the talent and voices of seasonally showcased local artists. This hotel aspires to offer a feeling of home to the soul thanks to NEW PERSPECTIVES on Indian art and beauty, and perpetual reinventions of traditions in a kind of 'bridge of time.