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Imbibe the fragrance of art and experience the artistic blooming at Chitrashaala 2016

The gratuities of an art residency can be enormous for the artists. It gives an artist, the space and time to work, away from the mundane life settings. It also allows the virtuoso to dwell within the new communal contexts and among new mentors and companions from all across the globe.
Owing its name to the renowned Bundi School of Art, Chitrashaala is an experience which pays tribute to creative spirit of over 36 national and international artists.
Ingenious artists from a wide array of creative disciplines are invited by jüSTa Hotels & Resorts to live and work in the jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace, a historic landmark in Parsoli. An art residency like Chitrashaala, can prove to be extremely formative for the development of artist’s work and skills as they get the luxury of having an entire week solely dedicated to polishing their skills and interacting with their peers. It provides the creators with the time to research, reflect and produce “Art”, allowing them to explore their capabilities of working within the framework of meeting other artists and experiencing life at a new location.
With an aim of keeping the legacy of Bundi alive, jüSTa Hotels & Resorts is organizing the third annual art residency program, Chitrashaala, at the jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace, Parsoli. As the location also determines the direction of an artist’s work, the landscape of jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace will play a major role in the artworks created here. Along with this, the artists will get an enlightening chance to explore the Indian heritage and culture through planned tours to Chittorgarh and Bundi.
Strategically located amidst the reflective lake and tranquil landscape, the art residency at jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace provides a haven for the creative growth of the artists. The architecture of the resort is an ideal blend of traditional design and serene surroundings.
Chitrashaala will play an essential role in providing the local and international artists with an exposure to a capacious array of art works, styles and forms, hence enabling them to express their fondness for art freely and creatively. The mufti-disciplinary environment of this art residency encourages the artists to approach their work from a new and contrasting perspective. 
The program will help in building a credible cultural dialog among the artists from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds through an enriching reciprocation of artistic ideas. Chitrashaala is not merely an art residency but is also an opportunity for the creative minds to associate and work with the individuals from varied genres of visual art. It is an opportunity for a less structured and more informal networking contingencies.
Chitrashaala believes that artists, with their creativity, energy, focus and freedom, can make contribute in making this world a better place. 

Work of ART

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