About Kundapur

Trasi (about 15km from the town of Kundapura) is next to the Marwanthe Beach and has the sea on one side and a river flowing on the other side with the road bisecting in-between. The roads and rail lines are all from the south of the town. The small town has a population of less than fifty thousand and also serves as the district HQ.

Kundapura with a rich history of being an ancient spice market is around 40 km from Udupi. Udupi is famous for its temples. You must have heard of the sage Madhavacharya who hails from here. He is the originator of the Dwaita school of Hindu Philosophy. The math houses a temple said to be over fifteen hundred years old. Perhaps it is the only temple where the idol is looking away. Legend goes that Lord Krishna turned his head to look at his devotee, Kanakadasa, who stood against the wall. The wall opened up. Today worshippers put their eye to the same opening to see the face of the Lord and thus relive and rekindle the faith and love that Kanakadasa had. Kundapura is less than a 100 km from Mangalore. Mangalore is connected both by air and rail to Mumbai and Bangalore. The Resort is 450 km from Bangalore.

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