Naivedyam Restaurant at jüSTa Brij Bhoomi, Nathdwara Resort

Feast on some delicious thandai and refreshing shikanji in typical Nathdwara style along with some traditional Gujarati and Rajasthani thalis! Naivedyam, the restaurant at juSTa Nathdwara, Rajasthan, has a brightly lit indoor dining space with intimate seating arrangements and  an outer courtyard providing a magnificent view of the Aravalli hills and the Nandsamand Dam.

The carefully crafted menu of the restaurant offers a mix of delicious local and Indian delicacies along with classic international favourites. The restaurant is pure vegetarian and does not serve alcoholic beverages. This is in keeping with the religious ethos of the place and to seek harmony with the spirituality of the surroundings.

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