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4 Offbeat Workation Destinations in India

With the growing emergence of the working from the home concept that started with the arrival of an unexpected pandemic. A wave of work from the mountains has also begun among all those who have the liberty to take their working laptop anywhere. This growing concept has allowed working professionals to work on the very top of the scenic mountains, in the midst of lush greenery of hills, sitting on the balcony of a resort offering a panoramic view.

Experience workation (work + vacation) by finding here the top 4 off-beat workation resorts in India, mainly on the hillside. We are here to give you a glimpse of luxurious, spacious, exquisitely built Justa resort options for doing work from hills under the lap of work-class facilities.

Here are four offbeat workstations and resorts to book.

1. jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa, Mashobra

Travel to India’s most visited and celebrated hill stations i.e. Shimla and then reach the offbeat nature beauty of Mashobra. Strategically surrounded by the excellent rows of green lush mountains, scenic vibe, and beauty disperse in all directions. Work straight into the lap of surrounding hills and natural beauty while staying at the luxurious jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa. Book any of the luxurious rooms having all the modern-day amenities including high-speed internet connection and power backup for your non-stop official work. Sit outside in the midst of a chilly environment while taking your laptop, consuming exquisite meals, and overlooking the magnificent beauty of Mashobra hills.

2. jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala

Stay at the topmost point of Dharamshala near the parasailing point and away from the hustle and bustle of the hillside city. jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala is a perfectly nestled hilltop resort surrounded by snow-peak mountains, green hills, the beauty of sunrise from room windows, and people parasailing everywhere and visible from the resort itself. Continue your official hours while staying at the top work from the hills resort in Himachal Pradesh. The well-appointed rooms of the resort have a private balcony and sitting arrangement for workaholics to continue virtual meets in the outside surroundings of natural beauty. You can even taste the Himachal delicacies at the Sabor restaurant offering a breathtaking view of the snowy hill while continuing your work operations. Moreover, an indoor game room and walking excursion outside will give you a sense of relief after hectic working hours and a reason to explore during weekends.

3. jüSTa Mukteshwar Resort & Spa, Mukteshwar

How about attending Microsoft team sessions, coding the software, or writing a blog at the top of a hill surrounded by sky-reaching hills & snow-capped Nanda Devi range? It is possible when you book your stay at the quintessential, scenic, and 7500 feet above sea level resort-like jüSTa Mukteshwar Resort & Spa in Uttarakhand. A short distance away from the traveler’s den Nainital, Mukteshwar is an off-beat hillside destination located at a quiet juncture, offers minimal human invasion, and tranquility prevails all around. Give your work from anywhere access to a complete rejuvenation while working at this resort and at the highest distance above sea level. It’s a picture-perfect hill resort in Mukteshwar allowing the workaholics to meet official hours from room balconies facing the surrounding mountains, outside cafe, external sitting area, or anywhere while catching natural beauty. Experience a peaceful vibe inside while looking at the breathtaking nature and find a high-speed internet connection on your laptop.

4. jüSTa Palampur Resort & Convention Centre, Palampur

Extend your work from hills packages in Himachal Pradesh by staying at the 5-star jüSTa Palampur Resort & Convention Centre. Another hilltop option is located at an off-beat place away from daily hustle and bustle. It is an excellent pick for continuing your work commitments along with experiencing the views of Dhauladhar Range on one side and the beautiful tea garden on the other. The picturesque location, word-class facilities, in-house restaurant, swimming pool, high-speed internet connectivity, power backup, and other facilities make this place a perfect spot to work at the top of the hill.

Concluding Thoughts 

It’s time to change your working routine and amalgamate travel pleasure with regular work commitments. Experience beauty, exploration, delectable cuisines, and peace inside while working from offbeat hillside locations in India and enjoy the unbeatable hospitality of Justa Hotels & Resorts.

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