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A complete guide for planning a Lavish Destination Wedding in Dharamshala.

“ …and after that, they happily lived after as a loving married couple”.

Planning for a big D-Day ahead? Want to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience memorable like never before? Then choose to have the amazing and lavish destination wedding in the mountains and natural abode of Dharamshala.

Especially, after the growing restrictions of limited guests to be invited to a wedding in metro cities. There is an ideal option to organize a fun-filled, lavish, and incredible wedding in the mighty surroundings of Dharamshala and experience the bliss. 

There is something so special about a destination wedding away from your hometown. It gives you an alarming charm of saying the wedding vows in peaceful and tranquil surroundings with nature being the true witness. Gathering all the loved ones and near ones at the same place for a few days is more of a delightful and unforgettable experience. You have the flexibility to cherish all the wedding moments with relatives and friends along with getting indulged in party mode, celebration, music, dance, and traditional activities.  

Now, comes to the most important part of organizing a destination wedding i.e, the overall budget. If you are thinking of a big fat wedding with having all the lavish settings, pre-wedding bash, night parties, traditional set, multi-cuisine meals, pre-wedding shoot, and much more to include. Then organizing all such things in metro cities can be really expensive. And, that too is not at all possible due to the surging pandemic restrictions.

So, a perfect and celebrity-style destination wedding, even at a place like Dharamshala will be cost-effective as per your current city’s rates and facilities.

No need to wait for hunting a spacious, luxurious, close & open-ended wedding destination, when you have the best luxury hotel and resort in Dharamshala available to make your D-Day even more special, memorable, and budget-friendly.

Why Dharamshala?

Strategically located in the foothills of the majestic Dhauladhar Range of the outer Himalayas, Dharamshala is an enchanting hill station located at an elevated height of 1457 meters above sea level. It gives you a tempting and panoramic view of an incredible mountain range and offers rejuvenating and serene surroundings all around. Also, Dharamshala has an amazing influence on tranquil Buddhist culture with having monks and popular monasteries around. So, imagine the scenario of organizing a large-scale wedding in Dharamshala in the vicinity of natural beauty all around.

Book the Best Venue for a Destination Wedding in Dharamshala 

jüSTa Birding Resort, Dharamshala

A destination wedding should be organized at a place that must be unique, ultra-spacious, have all the facilities & world-class amenities. Apart from that, there are other sets of requirements, you need to look after while hunting for an ideal place to call your family, friends, relatives, and other loved ones together. 

* Location

A particular location that is set for a big-fat wedding must be particular in terms of space, facilities, and amenities. Most importantly, it should be a place which must be convenient for all the guests both from groom’s and bride’s side be convenient, easy to reach and having well-connected commutation facilities. It should be strategically located in a peaceful surrounding with no hustle and bustle of the crowd along with transport commotion. 

* Venue

Undoubtedly, it should be the best venue for destination wedding in Dharamshala with having a spacious ambiance to accommodate all your guests conveniently. Of course, there must be other travelers staying at a particular resort. So, choose the destination wedding resort that offers your separate area for the celebratory affair while maintaining your privacy along with other travelers out there. 

* Commutation

That’s an important consideration to look after when you are hosting a grand Indian traditional wedding while calling a number of guests from all sides. Thus, the destination wedding place in Dharamshala must offer a seamless commutation facility to and fro for all the guests coming at different time intervals. Also, there should be proper event, staff, and another service-related commutation facility available to run things smoothly. 

* Seamless Catering Service

The luxury wedding resort must be having an excellent catering service with the facility to serve multi-cuisine meals and favorable drinks options. You must check with the food taste first and do offer the local delicacies for many guests who want to savor the authentic delights of Dharamshala. 

* Accommodation for Guests

A destination wedding means several guests would stay from the point of preparation to the final day of getting the coupled hitched together. So, book luxury rooms in Dharamshala with has easy accessibility towards the wedding venue and all the facilities around. 

Celebrate your Dream Day at Justa Birding Dharamshala 

Banquet Area in jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala

Justa Birding Dharamshala is a perfect place to say your wedding vows in the vicinity of an uninterrupted view of multiple rows of mountains and rare birds species. Especially, located on the top of a hillside that offers a panoramic view of Dharamshala city from luxury room patios. Organizing your wedding here is a real-time bliss, where you find peace, solace, themed decorations, outside lush green surroundings, experienced wedding planners & decorators, multiple venues, and best deals on wedding venues in Dharamshala for a celebrity like pleasure.

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