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A Roundup of your Favorite Restaurants in Udaipur

If you want to explore the authentic parts of majestic and royal infused Udaipur city, then do not forget to find the best restaurants in Udaipur. It is right to say the fact that exquisite and delectable food defines a particular place. And, Udaipur is no exception with having an extensive platter to try at different eating places to explore as solo, romantic or a group traveller.

Udaipur is considered one of the most romantic places in India to explore with the magnificent backdrop of lakes, palaces, and contemporary style Rajasthani culture displayed in every area. While coming here, check out the most lip-smacking cuisines at the top restaurants to visit in Udaipur categorized under fine dining.

So, here, we present you our complete roundup of favourite restaurants to explore in Udaipur and delectable food to try at its best.

Luxury Dining in Udaipur

1. Ambrai-Amet Haveli: Experience the pleasure of luxury dining at its best while looking at the spectacular view of Lake Pichola and the famous Jagdish Temple. Ambrai is a fine and upscale restaurant in Udaipur serving a mix of authentic Rajasthani, Chinese, Continental, and other multi-cuisine meals under the spectacular setting of a lake backdrop and illuminated lighting of the temple and palace during the evening wee hours. A perfect place to unwind a romantic dinner with your spouse, it is a couple-friendly restaurant that offers a fairly exotic dining pleasure and hospitality.

2. ARK: Taste the rich flavours of Rajasthan under a perfect and royal-lush setting of ARK restaurant. One of the best places to eat in Udaipur, close to the majestic ambience of Laka Pichola and set in the middle of the lush greenery and royal feeling all around. ARK is a luxury and fine dining place in Rajasthan, strategy located inside Justa Rajputana, a 4-star luxury hotel & resort in Udaipur. ARK which means, a flash of lightning, depicts the theme of the sun, best reflected in the restaurant’s architecture, dining setting, and environment all around. Offering both outdoor and indoor dining experience, is the best family restaurant in Udaipur, offering royal delicacies like Dal Baati Choorma, Laal Maas, Ker Sangri, Ghatte ki Sabzi, and other cuisines.

Best Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Udaipur

3. Tribute: As the name itself implies, Tribute is much like a tribute given to Chetak, the legendry horse of Maharana Pratap. It is a lakeside dining place in Udaipur that offers a perfect romantic backdrop of blooming water bodies along with a view of Rang Sagar Islands and colonies of residents. The restaurant offers the rich-taste belong to cuisines of North India, Continental, and ethnic dishes of Rajasthan.

4. SABOR – World Cuisine Restaurant: When it comes to finding and an unforgettable dining pleasure in Udaipur, the name of Sabor is not to be left behind. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant at Justa Sajjangarh Resort & Spa, known for its sophisticated line of dining pleasure for all the guests. Rich delicacies of Rajasthan, North Indian, Italian, Continental, and Chinese are the daily dose of the restaurant under a luxurious and modern-day dining setting. Apart from the world-best culinary delights offered by the restaurant, it further brings the natural ambience of lush greenery, majestic view of Aravalli Hills, and Monsoon Palace view at all times.

Best Live Kitchen Restaurant in Udaipur

5. Millets of Mewar: If you crave something healthy and still rich in delights, then there is no better place to try organic cuisines at the Millets of Mewar. Started by the four health geeks, the restaurant offers a rich assortment of dishes made from different varieties of millets that are gluten-free, raw, and organic ingredients to maintain the healthy spree of individuals. Come here to savour the best taste of millets under an ideal setting of the first health devoted restaurant in Udaipur.

Final Thoughts

Udaipur is no shortage of exotic culinary delights, fine dining, street foods, and cafes. The more you explore deep down inside the royal city, the more you will be surprised to know the hidden eating gems of the city. Simply plan a trip to Udaipur and stay at the luxurious place while exploring the unbeatable culinary flavours of the city.

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