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jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala – Why it ranked #2 resort in Dharamshala

Dharamshala, a quaint hill station in the exquisite, cold, and scenic surroundings of Himachal Pradesh is a traveler’s paradise. Best known for its Tibetan culture, extensive acres of lush green tea gardens, snow-capped mountain peaks, and a tranquil vibe calls for travelers from different parts of the globe. 

Be it like chilly winters in which you can witness the fresh snowfall across the stress of Dharamshala and the nearest Mcleodganj. You can even travel during the summer season to still feel the winter vibe across several places in the hill station. 

If you are planning to visit Dharamshala anytime soon due to get relief from the hot scorching summer, then first book your stay at jüSTa Birding Dharamshala. It is the best luxury resort in Dharamshala ideally known for its scenic location, world-class facilities, scenic views around, unbeatable hospitality, delectable meals served, and close distance to major attractions. 

But one thing that makes jüSTa Birding Dharamshala a class apart is that it is the #2 ranked resort all across the city. Here, we provide you with several reasons reflecting the key features of this best hotel in Dharamshala. After that, you will surely book a room here and feel yourself an exquisite part of luxury, tranquility, limitless beauty, and unforgettable hillside pleasure.

Top 4 Reasons Justa Birding is Ranked #2 Resort in Dharamshala 

1. Strategic Location

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

jüSTa Birding Dharamshala has a special location which is nestled on the top of the hill overviewing the complete city. The resort is surrounded by amazing rows of green lush mountains along with snow-capped hills. A short distance away from the famous Mcleodganj area, the resort is situated in a quiet place from where you can see the far-off beauty of the colorful city while standing on your room’s patio. 

2. Views from the Resort

jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala

Views are just amazing from this best place to stay in Himachal Pradesh. As already mentioned the hilltop location of the resort, offers a bird-eye view of clearly visible snow-filled mountains at the back and lush green rows of hills all around. It will be an amazing and scenic background for your social media-friendly pictures, short videos, and of course the trending reels. The overall place is filled with the exquisite beauty of greenery, vibrant atmosphere, and panoramic views all around. Most importantly, you can see people doing paragliding all across the resort from your room windows. 

3. Room Amenities

Luxury Rooms at jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala

jüSTa Birding Dharamshala is settled in such a way to provide an unforgettable staying experience along with views, vibe, luxury, and tranquility. Special attention is given to designing the interior of guest rooms based on Himachal Pradesh scenic themes and color patterns. Inside every room of the 5-star resort in Dharamshala, you find rustic shades of furnishings, artifacts, comfortable beds, and other exquisite amenities. Another best part is the private balcony in every guest room of the resort that offers you a panoramic view of the hill station. 

4. Destination Wedding

Another reason jüSTa Birding Dharamshala is # the ranked 2 resort in the city is due to its strategic location to organize destination weddings. As already discussed the picturesque views and tranquil vibe of the resort, it will be an absolute pleasure for guests to host their hill station wedding in a luxurious manner. The friendly staff of the resort completely assists in hosting a lavish and private affair wedding inside the spacious and decorated banquet hall or outside the lush green surrounding overlooking the hills. 

Final Note 

Pay your visit to the beautiful and charming Dharamshala and stay at the #2 ranked resort in the city. Book your room at jüSTa Birding Dharamshala to experience nature’s paradise, exquisite beauty, delectable meals, staying comfortable, and a limitless range of memories. 

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