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Bundi: A Place That Speaks Of Art At Every Corner!

Circumscribed by the Aravalli Ranges on three sides, Bundi is a captivating town with impressive ancient havelis, monuments, temples, palaces and a pictorial lake, adding alluring to its charm. Bundi is a extremely popular for its byzantine paintings and carvings.


Located at a distance of 153 Kilometers from Chiitorgarh, Bundi is one of the few Indian towns that owe its claim to an authentic painting school. The renowned “Bundi School” is identified by its endearment for a distinctive way of depicting water by light swirls against a dark background, vegetation and dramatic night skies. This place is important for the Rajasthani miniature painting style which was prevalent from the 17th century to the end of 19th century. The captivating paintings share their alliance with the Deccan counterpart, for Bundi was often in contact with this area.

As the school flourished highly during the reign of Raja Ram Singh II, the paintings during this time often depicted the grand tiger hunts in the the jungle along with various aspects of the king’s life. Apart from these, the paintings focused primarily on court scenes, animals, festivals and various scenes from the live of Lord Krishna.


While in the the archaic city of Bundi, don’t forget to take a walk around the Ummed Mahal, famously known as the Chitrashala. Chitrashala offers a vibrant glimpse of history with its ceilings and walls beautifully covered with the paintings of Bundi School.

From traditions to culture and from art to music, Rajasthan never fails to entice artists from around the globe. Close to the artful town of Bundi is another magnificent town, Parsoli which holds a significant place in the royal history of Rajasthan. In the heart of Parsoli, the jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace stands strong as an epitome of luxury, culture and tradition and which can be a better place than this for hosting an art residency, Chitrashaala!

Taking its name from Bundi’s Chitrashala, this art residency is organized to honor the creative heritage by bringing together renowned artists from India and overseas. The backdrop of this beautiful location provides the perfect setting for the artists to explore their legacy in their own away, in terms of content, form and style. Chitrashaala 2016 will play a key role in this process, as it is an ideal location where, in a festive atmosphere, different cultural streams and phenomena closely linked to creative communities find a platform for free expression. It aims to present a vital process of circulating and giving visibility to the different cultural streams of both Indian and international art which represents a significant step toward the development of creative dialogues.

Come be a part of this legacy at jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace, Parsoli.

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