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Celebrate New Year Week in the Backdrop of Hills and Forest in Mukteshwar

Nothing seems better than ending the year 2021 and welcoming 2022 in the scenic backdrop of hills & forests in Mukteshwar. One of the quintessential, less crowded, still to explore, and not that far hill station in Uttarakhand is a must to explore. It is an amazing thought of celebrating new year week in a such pristine destination which is all surrounded by lush green forests, an amazing snow-clad mountain range of Nanda Devi. Simply stay for a while from the city’s crowded hush and spend a quieter weekend or some more days into the prevailing quietness and nature’s beauty of Mukteshwar. 

Undoubtedly, Mukteshwar is one of the best places to celebrate new year in Uttarakhand is owing to its marvellous location. Strategically located just 50-km away from Nainital, the place is more into the lap of nature with having hill view, greenery, and scenic vibe all around. The most important is to experience the less crowded appeal and feel yourself connected to nature.

Welcome the new year with the epic morning sunshine from the hills itself while you stay outside to such an amazing scene. Walk into the hills, explore the forest, and do incredible adventure led activities to change your celebratory experience this particular time. 

Celebrate New Year Week in Mukteshwar

Another thing that goes unnoticed is the snowfall all around the areas of Mukteshwar that look nothing less than heaven itself. The place is definitely meant for nature lovers like you to enjoy the fresh snowfall while into the Mukteshwar hills and make the most out of this time. 

Mukteshwar New Year Celebration is Incomplete without a Luxury Stay

The very thought of making the new year celebration goes different, more towards nature, and in the lap of forest and hills is incomplete without luxury boutique resort in Mukteshwar.

Concerning that Justa Mukteshwar Retreat & Spa invites travelers from all parts of India and abroad to feel the celebration vibe at 7500 ft above sea level. There is nothing that compares to the magnetic and unbeatable location of this 5 star hotel and resort in Mukteshwar. Sitting more like a crown of the hill, it is at the top of the place where you can see the unended view of the majestic Dhauladhar range and Himalayas.

Luxury Boutique Resorts in Mukteshwar

Especially to say goodbye to 2021 on a happy note and keeping arms open for 2022 for excitement and zeal, this hotel is a particular destination to find luxury, party-retreat, lip-smacking food, bonfire, activities, Instagram friendly photo backgrounds, and more. 

Feel the fresh air while staying at the topmost point of Mukteshwar and rest inside the world-class luxury rooms & suites in mukteshwar in the company of loved ones.

Every single room of the luxury boutique resorts in Mukteshwar offers an unforgettable view of mountains and forests from the private balconies. You can sit outside while starring endlessly at the marvellous nature’s creation, feel the warm sunshine, and chilled feeling during the fresh snowfall. 

So, no time waiting for exploring a list of destinations for the new year celebration. Simply finalize Mukteshwar and Justa hotel to make a great combination of scenic place and luxury hotel to switch on the celebratory mode and nature’s retreat at the same time.

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