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The gratuities of an art residency can be enormous for the artists. It gives an artist, space and time to work, away from the mundane life settings. It also allows the virtuoso to dwell within the new communal contexts and among new mentors and companions from all across the globe. Owing its name to the renowned Bundi School of Art, Chitrashaala is an experience which pays tribute to the creative spirit of over 36 national and international artists.

Chitrashaala will play an essential role in providing the local and international artists with an exposure to a capacious array of art works, styles and forms, hence enabling them to express their fondness for art freely and creatively. The mufti-disciplinary environment of this art residency encourages the artists to approach their work from a new and contrasting perspective.

The program will help in building a credible cultural dialog among the artists from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds through an enriching reciprocation of artistic ideas. Chitrashaala is not merely an art residency but is also an opportunity for the creative minds to associate and work with the individuals from varied genres of visual art. It is an opportunity for a less structured and more informal networking contingencies.

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The impact of a space on creative output cannot be stressed enough. From architecture to music to art, the state continues to fascinate artists across genres. This international residency programme pays homage to this legacy by bringing together forty noteworthy artists from India and overseas. Rajasthan’s artistic character gives precedence to the freedom of the creative spirit, nature and aesthetic imperatives in the midst of a universalist as opposed to a nationalist framework which indeed is what helps it stand out. As much a learning experience as a grand creative gathering, the residency seeks to provide visual artists with exposure to a wide range of works in terms of form, content and style thereby contributing to the development of artistic expression as well as creative dialogues and possible future collaborations.

Another aim of this camp is to reach as wide an audience as possible. The unprecedented number of artists who are scheduled to attend clearly shows a growing interest in events of this nature. Reaching out a large number of people for the promotion intercultural dialogue is an important goal of workshops, as there cannot be inter-cultural interaction if artists have no means to get in touch with one another. It also gives artists the opportunity of increasing and developing their artistic experience, thus initiating a process of the exchange of ideas. In particular, it allows artists to work in a new context and to combine their own experience with the local one, creating a positive and illuminating example of integration.

The residency is likely to be a unique expression of the love of art which whilst rooted in the local environment, is also linked to national and international contexts. It will help stimulate innovation and respect a common cultural heritage and shaping understanding and respect among the artistic community as a whole. It will help build an effective cultural dialogue, in the conviction that such a dialogue represents an essential tool for interaction among different individuals from a variety of socio-cultural backgrounds. Such interaction, in turn, is certain to encourage a respectful and enriching exchange of ideas and help identify the boundaries that define individuals and communities.

The importance of workshops such as this is not to be underestimated. More events of this nature are required for both emerging and established artists as they are an all too rare opportunity to mix and work with a variety of professionals from all genres of the visual arts. It acknowledges a common cultural heritage while, at the same time, respects the cultural diversity of the participants. It is, above all, a meeting place, for the exchange of ideas and practices and demonstrates how dialogue is essential to nourish and enrich culture, particularly within a specific context.

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Chitrashaala will play an essential role in providing the local and international artists with an exposure to a capacious array of art works, styles and forms, hence enabling them to express their fondness for art freely.