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Located on the bank of Gambhiri, Chittorgarh was the capital of the kingdom of Mewar. The city gets its name from the Chittorgarh fort, a symbol of Rajputana legacy. This fort is the landmark of the city of Chittorgarh and is among the strongest still-standing forts in India.  Chittorgarh fort is spread over 700 acres and has 22 water bodies, towers, palaces and temples in the campus.

For shopaholics, Chittorgarh is an amazing place. Tourists can bag some of the best fabrics, metal works, jewelry, leather items, handmade toys and much more. Along with this, the Jauhar Mela, held in the honor of the brave Rajput ancestors, is another major attraction of this city.

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  1. Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary

Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the less popular sanctuaries of Rajasthan which needs to be exploredThis sanctuary is home to a wide variety of animals such as, Jackal, Hyena, Fox, Panther, Cheetal, Crocodile, Langur, Wild Boar along with many migratory birds like Pelicans and Cranes. Set amongst the beautiful Vindhyachal Range, this sanctuary also has Bassi and Orasi dams located in the area. Don’t miss the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary if you travelling to Chittorgrah with your young ones!

  1. Vijay Stambha

Erected in the 15th century, Vijay Stambha is a symbol of Rana Kumbha’s victory over the armies of Gujarat and Malwa. This monument showcases the story of Chittorgarh’s bravery and courage. The Vijay Stambha is built partially in the white marble and rest in red sandstone with spectacular flower patterns and carving of Goddesses and Gods.

Located among the ruins of Chittorgarh fort, the stambha has 150 stairs that take the visitors to the top. Having reached the top, you will be enthralled by the alluring view of the fort.

  1. Ranakpur Temple

Dedicated to Adinatha, Ranakpur Temple is a prominent pilgrimage spot for the Jain. This temple is an epitome of Indian artistry, with intricate design and details. The beautiful carvings on the 1444 pillars makes this place an architectural genius. The marvelous structure of this temple will surely leave you in awe. Ranakpur Temple is unquestionably a symbol of ethereal beauty.

  1. Chittorgarh Fort

The trip to Chittorgarh can never be complete without a visit to famous Chittorgarh Fort. Chittorgarh palace is known for its outstanding architecture and other monuments located within the campus such as Vijaya Stambha, Kirti Stambha, Fateh Prakash Palace and Rana Kumbha Palace. The fort is encompassed by ancient temples and lush green gardens. This place is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

  1. Kalika Mata Temple

In Chittorgarh, one of the most captivating structures is the Kalika Mata Temple, originally dedicated to Lord Surya and later to Goddess Kali. This temple is a stunning architectural exemplar of the Pratihara Period. The temple is built on an elevated platform and has magnificent exteriors. From its entrance to pillars, every aspect of this temple bears the mark of a great work of art.

Food and Dining in Chittorgarh

Even though Chittorgarh doesn’t have much to be called unique in terms of cuisine, one can never run out of options here. There are numerous restaurants as well as roadside eating outlets in Chittorgarh, where you can satiate your hunger for mouth-watering Rajasthani cuisine. Some of the popular restaurants in Chittorgarh are:

Asirwad Dinning Hall, Chandal Restaurant, Bajrang Bhojnalaya, Balaji Restaurant, Gorvdhan Coffee House Bhojanalaya, Hotel Nandan Palace Restaurant and many more.

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