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Experience the Soul and Spirit of Rajasthan Through its Music and Dance

While the magnificent castles form the body of Rajasthan, the soul of this state is its folk music and dance which adds an enticing charm to this land. Playing a significant role in the lives of people, Rajasthani music is believed to be one of the world’s finest folk music, capable of mesmerizing and fascinating each and all. Music and dance are rooted deep into Rajasthan’s tradition and have made meaningful contribution in adorning the Indian heritage.


The most astonishing feature of Rajhasthani folk tradition is its variety. You can witness diverse aspects being sung and performed here, grown from varied cultures of countryside. You can feel enchanted by the local folklores, the tales of brave Rajput kings, devotional songs and much more. The folklore of this historic place is filled with the idioms of saints such as Malookdas, Kabir and Meera, narrating the tales of romance, heroism and everyday lives of people. Every region has its own songs, dance styles and even the instruments.

The Rajasthani folk instruments usually evolve according to territorial environment and settings. These instruments are still made and played as per the year-old tradition and enthusiasm. A wide variety of materials, such as bamboo segments, dried gourds shells and baked clay pots are used in the development of the music instruments.


The drumming instruments like Chang, Dhap, Nagara and Dholak add a fabulous rhythmic beat to the music while the string instruments like Rawanhatha, Bhapang, Sarangi and Kamaycha reckons a haunting aria. There are other instruments in the family such as Shehnai, Algoja, Nad, Poongi, Satara and some unique ones like Morchang or Kartaal, helping in keeping the taal for the effective execution of the music.

The music and dance tradition of Rajasthan has been kept alive by various communities such as Mirasis, Manganniyars, Dholis and Langas, whose family profession is to entertain people. These families pass on their knowledge of entertainment from generation to generation, starting from a very young age.


So, this time you visit Rajasthan don’t forget to take out some time and spend it with the local musicians and folk dancers, for imbibing the true essence of this land.

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