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All you Need to Know About the Famous Chauli ki Jali in Mukteshwar

Looking forward to exploring Mukteshwar? If yes, then you have made the right decision to travel the small hill town area and exploring famous Chauli ki Jali in Mukteshwar Uttarakhand, nestled with beautiful Kumaon Hills around and nature paradise everywhere. 

A small yet breathtaking and one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand, Mukteshwar offers everything in terms of exquisite nature walks, trails, sightseeing, and lush green beauty prevail all around. It is an all year round destination for travelers to explore the ethereal beauty of the hill station surrounded by majestic mountains, sky-touching Himalayan ranges, dense forest, exquisite orchards, and more. 

One of the enthralling activities to do in Mukteshwar is doing rock climbing or a small hill trek to discover the unfolded beauty of the Kumaon and Himalayan range at the same time.

The famous Chauli Ki Jali is one of the best places to visit in Mukteshwar, especially for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is a hill-top place to explore surrounded by lush green mountains and known for its mythological aspect to make you fall in love with the same.

Things to Know About Famous Chauli Ki Jali in Mukteshwar 

As already mentioned, Chauli Ki Jali is a famous sightseeing destination for travelers to visit in Mukteshwar. It is meant best for adrenaline-pumping seekers who want to experience adventurous rock climbing and a short trekking experience.

Chauli Ki Jali is unknown tourist places in Uttarakhand, which is behind the famous Mukteshwar Temple. It is for nature lovers who like to do rock climbing, trekking, or rappelling.

The mountains of Chali Ki Jali have a hole in them that depict the mythological reference of the past. One of the myths associated with the place is that once the goddess and the demon had a fierce battle at this place and due to which there is a hole in the mountain. According to another Hindu mythology, once Sam Devta was crossing this place with his Ganpati and in the middle of these rocks, Lord Shiva was there into deep meditation. So, Sam Devta politely asked Lord Shiva to move from that place. Failing to which Lord Shiva got angry and struck the rocks with a weapon and there you find a hole in the same. 

When you come here and closely see the rock formation, then you will see it is actually an elephant trunk or maybe a shield or indefinite outlines of the sword at the place.

Another religious myth associated with Chauli Ki Jali in Mukteshwar is that if any barren woman crosses this place and touches the hole during Shivratri, then she will be blessed with a child. 

Chauli ki Jali Mukteshwar

1. How Far is Chauli Ki Jali from Mukteshwar?

It is located at a short distance of just 2.7 km from the central place. It is just 250 meters away from the entrance of Mukteshwar Temple which is behind the cliff and offers you a panoramic view of the Himalayan Range.

2. What is the Best Time to Visit Chauli Ki Jali?

It is best to visit the scenic place in the months between October and May. Although you can travel during the winter season when there is snow around but the track of the mountain region might be a little slippery. 

3. What is the Timing to Visit this Place?

You can pay a visit to the famous Chauli Ki Jali between 6 AM to 6 PM.

Do not forget to include Chauli Ki Jali in your Mukteshwar travel guide and further explore tourists attraction and sightseeings in Mukteshwar while staying at the luxurious resort in Mukteshwar.

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