Hotels in Tamil Nadu

Luxury Hotel in Tamil Nadu

In the southernmost part of India, Tamil Nadu has a special place on the map of the country. The exquisite land of Tamil speaking people and the heart of Dravidian civilization, Tamil Nadu is located in the extreme south of India, bounded by the immense beauty of the Indian Ocean and close to Kerala to the west and Karnataka to the northwest.

Tamil Nadu boasts the marvelous ancient Indian culture of temples, gopurams, Indian Classical Music, traditional dance, art, architecture, and historically rich sites. Pay a much-needed visit to Tamil Nadu, if looking to explore the real and authentic South Indian surrounded by verdant greenery, majestic coastlines, hills stations, ancient sites, etc.

Make your stay in one of the most happening cities of Tamil Nadu i.e. Rameswaram is very special by booking jüSTa Sarang. The brand offers strategically located, architecturally rich, and modern-day style accommodation in the middle of Chennai city to business & leisure travelers.