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How to spend one day in Rishikesh ?

Are you tempted by the spiritual charm, Himalayan landscape, mystic Ganges river, and exotic vibe of Rishikesh? If yes, then this blog is for you to take out just 25 hours from your busy schedule and spend the day here in Rishikesh. Simply infuse in natural beauty, the majestic charm of the holy river, walk on the sandy beach, enjoy coffee at the Under The Banyan Tree Cafe, stay shortly under the abode of luxury at the best 5 Star luxury resorts in Rishikesh, and more.

All of this you can do easily in just a matter of 24 hours. No need to take extra leaves from your office or take a long break from your domestic schedule. Just spare 24-hour for yourself to get supercharged for the days ahead.

Best Things to Do in Rishikesh in a Single Day

1. Reach at Night to Stay at a Luxury Hotel in Rishikesh

jüSTa Rasa Retreat & Spa, Rishikesh

Start your journey in the evening to reach Rishikesh at night and stay at the pre-booked resort in the holy city. Due to having a scarcity of time and importance to experience all the beauty at once, make sure to stay at an exotic resort near the Ganges and beachside. It allows you to wake up in the morning with the extravagant feeling of nature right before your eyes and take a deep breath of fresh air in the surroundings of the river, mountains, beaches, and lush greenery.

2. Indulge in 30-min of Yoga Session on the Beach

It is something you cannot miss while in Rishikesh the Yoga Capital of the World. To energize yourself from within, there is no better way than doing some Yoga postures in the vicinity of the Ganges and beach around. Inhale the fresh air of the surroundings, feel the majestic presence of the quiet and tranquil environment, and infuse sparkling energy inside. Get ready to explore the sacred city and its hidden charms.

3. Indulge in Activities and Explore artistic Ashrams

There is a wide range of adventure activities in Rishikesh that are hard to miss. Although you cannot do it all, few might fit in your limited time schedule. You can do the shortest river rafting of 9 km that would be completed in an hour or so. Another option is to do bungee or cliff jumping in more than 45-min. You can do anything to add an adventurous zeal to your single day’s spend in Rishikesh. After that head straight towards the historically rich and peaceful ashrams of Rishikesh near the famous Laxman Jhula. Do pay a visit to the famous Beatless Ashram and enjoy the tranquil sanctity inside.

4. Stop for a quick lunch or snack at Under The Banyan Tree Cafe

Under The Banyan Tree Cafe, jüSTa Rasa Retreat & Spa

Once you are done with the short tour of Rishikesh ashrams, maybe it’s time to find the best place to eat in Rishikesh. Sit at the Under The Banyan Tree, while enjoying the delectable lunch. You also have the option of exploring local eateries into the narrow gallies of Rishikesh and trying different flavors. There is an extensive range of eatable options available in the city to match your taste buds.

5. Do not forget the evening aarti

Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh

It’s time for the last activity of the day before heading home. The evening aarti on the banks of Ganges while experiencing the whole area lighten up with aarti’s Diya. Stand in silence or chant the religious verses while enjoying the sacred aarti and gazing at the sparkling reflections in the Ganges. It is something must do in Rishikesh.

6. Bid adieu to Rishikesh with 24 hours of countless memories Now, the day comes to an end and so is your duration of spending 24-hour in the holy, naturally infused, and extravagant Rishikesh city. By adding the list of activities mentioned above, you can have the best-ever single-day trip experience while doing several activities, exploring numerous places, connecting with nature, and more. Also, next time plan to spend more days in Rishikesh and prefer to stay at a luxury resort with a private river.

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