Independent Villa

Unmatched Combination of Luxury and Exclusivity

Experience the unbeatable beauty, glimpses, and extravagant pleasure of stay at the Independent Villa in Udaipur, right here at jüSTa Rajputana luxury hotel & resort. The villa comes packed with a splendid outlook of traditional architecture, overall setting, bright yellow color combination, and tranquil environment inside.

Special attention is given to the colorful and strikingly amazing Mewari style interior best induced from pillows, sheets, artefacts, wooden work, carpets, and sitting area. Inside the villas you find the hardwood made comfortable bed along with traditionally checked style flooring. Equally amazing is the wall glass size window to catch the glimpses of the outside garden area.

Why Independent Villa?

It is a private Villa in Udaipur endowed with all the modern-day facilities inside including luxurious bathroom, lamps, sitting area, and more. Book your stay at Independent Villa, if you are looking for an intricate privacy at the luxurious resort in the city of lakes. It is a perfect accommodation to unwind relaxation while sitting inside or at the outside garden area. Most importantly, Mewari style architectural beauty, bright color appeal, traditional lamp posts, and authentic wooden work take you back in the Rajputana style glory.

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Independent Villa

Each carefully crafted 300sq. ft. villa gives you a unmatched combination of luxury and exclusivity. It is surrounded by lush green garden which can be viewed directly from the comfort of the villa with a wall sized glass window. The villa comes with an en suite luxury bathroom and a comfortable sitting area which makes it the ideal place to unwind.

Check-in: 2:00 PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM


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