Enjoy cocktails with a twist

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Elegant, raw and minimalistic — the Wire Room located at the Design Hotel, has its entrance from the second floor of a popular mall. Designed by well-known architect Pronith Nath, the bar-cum-kitchen has a laid-back vibe to it. Their menu features exquisite cuisine with food options from around the world, and innovative cocktails, curated by executive chef Mir Hafizur Rahman, who has recently moved in here from the Maldives. The joint is a tasteful mix of the modern and the contemporary, and it incorporates the quintessential Madras twist to its products and services. Boasting eclectic cocktails, their signature drink, Maghizchi, is an ode to Rajinikanth.


Acknowledging the role of OTA's in marketing strategies


The 21st century has seen major changes. One of the biggest being the rise of technology. This has produced a huge number of opportunities in every industry. One of the fields that have benefited, is the travel and hospitality industry which is growing leaps and bounds in terms of its revenue generation. The biggest steamroller in revenue generation for hotels has been OTA’s. These prominent online distribution channels have contributed to market expansion and have provided mid-sized companies like ours a distribution platform and a level playing field.


What a view!


There wasn’t much left of the road after the 40-minute drive from the airport and soon our vehicle started trundling along a rough, dusty path somewhere in the suburbs of Udaipur. The Lanes got narrower, the houses older and the terrain wilder. The drive to jüSTa Sajjangarh Resort & Spa wasn’t really an ideal romantic one.



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Kalaignar is no more. This is perhaps, no way to begin a hotel review. But things are bound to veer towards the unusual when, on your second night of stay, a five-time chief minister and a beloved figure for a big section of the population passes away, that too in the burning heartland of politics-Chennai. For starters, the Phoenix Market City Mall, within whose complex this four-star luxury hotel is located, cleared out and shut down in the span of a heartbeat at the news of M. Karunanidhi's passing. A gloom was settling in, a lockdown was impending.


IT's SO, SO GOOD - Come for the view, stay for the food, says Bhavika Govil about jüSTa Sajjangarh Resort & Spa


First comes the pappardelle, and then the fettuccine. After that, you have the linguine, the spaghetti, and the thinnest of them, the spaghettini,” the chef rattles off, in what is an Italian twist to the chicken-and-egg question. With exuberant hand gestures in view, hills in the background that could be mistaken for those in Tuscany, and a moon that hits my eye like a big pizza pie, I wonder, for a split second, if I am in Italy instead of Udaipur. A quick peek at my boarding pass-turned-bookmark confirms that I am not.

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