Acknowledging the role of OTA's in marketing strategies


The 21st century has seen major changes. One of the biggest being the rise of technology. This has produced a huge number of opportunities in every industry. One of the fields that have benefited, is the travel and hospitality industry which is growing leaps and bounds in terms of its revenue generation. The biggest steamroller in revenue generation for hotels has been OTA’s. These prominent online distribution channels have contributed to market expansion and have provided mid-sized companies like ours a distribution platform and a level playing field.

In the era of the shared economy, Hotels and OTA’s collaborate to decide what is beneficial to both and do not require an industry-based approach which is myopic in nature. Justa hotels and resorts are appreciative of the role that OTA’s have played in giving us a diversified strategy and approach. We recognize the efforts undertaken to shift most of the offline business to the online space. Through reputable online platforms, OTA’s have been able to scale well and provide distribution of inventory. In other words, we are aware that OTA’s have given us a jumpstart in selling our inventory and has saved huge costs when it comes to marketing expenditure and advertising. They have also provided us with great customer acquisition strategies while driving bookings. This has allowed us to regain control over customer relations by giving us valuable customer insights into demographics and preferences.

In conclusion, we acknowledge and appreciate the relationship between OTA’s and hotels in a two-way street. A marriage of sorts that allows us to work together in harmony to keep our customers happy.