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Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

Palampur Travel Guide: What to See, Where to Stay, & How to Reach

Palampur is a breathtaking hill station in Himachal Pradesh, known for its majestic tea gardens, view of Dhauladhar Range, and innumerable water streams. 

More like a hidden gem close to the quintessential Dharamshala which is just 35km away from Palampur. Not so big yet magnificent in its nature’s outlook, lush green surroundings, tea estates, and spectacular water bodies make Palampur one of the best hill stations in India.

If you are planning a much-needed weekend gateway into the hills for a matter of 2-3 days, then Palampur can be your distinctive pick of destination. 

This short yet useful Palampur travel guide is for you to know more about Palampur, the best places to visit in Palampur, nature-oriented hotels and resorts, and other important information. 

Know Something About Palampur 

Palampur is one of the magnificent and nature’s best hill stations located in Himachal Pradesh and close to Dharamshala. Best known as the Tea Capital of North India, it is situated in the Kangra District and surrounded by the majestic mountain range of Dhauladhar with a spectacular hill view from all directions. 

The hill station is quite distinctive with its less crowded areas, tea gardens, greenery, and nature’s solace all around. Those who are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh for a leisure trip or looking for working from the hills should definitely pay their visit to Palampur. 

Best Places to Visit in Palampur 

There is no shortage of places to visit in Palampur. Whether you are a true nature lover, like to stroll around a water stream, tea lover, or like to capture nature’s beauty in photographs, then Palampur gives you many reasons to fulfil the travel objective. 

Palampur Tea Gardens

Here’s is the list of places to see in Palampur.

1. Tea Gardens

Exploration of Palampur is incomplete without visiting the green foilage of tea gardens. Spread across a wide area, Palampur is the tea capital of North India which is known to manufacture delectable varieties of tea. Take a day tour of any of the tea gardens here between 10 AM to 5 PM to look closely at the whole manufacturing process of the tea. Also, taste the lip-smacking flavours at any of the manufacturing plants.

2. Neugal Khud

Check out the amazing river stream, strategically located 3 to 4km away from Palampur. A favourite sightseeing place here for travelers to the road around the stream and sit near to it for taking Instagram friendly pictures. Feel nature’s paradise while walking the sidelines of the stream and enjoy the view from a rustic iron bridge.

3. Tashi Jong Monastery:

Devote some time in the religious sanctity of the Buddhist culture here at Tashi Jong Monastery. Located 15km from the Kangra district, the monastery is well-settled in the middle of the lush greenery along with an exorbitant view of the Dhauladhar Range. Come here to feel the presence of religious respect along with looking at the beautiful Tibetan handicrafts.

4. Andretta Pottery

A trip to Palampur is certainly incomplete without visiting Andretta Pottery. It is a small traditional village in the deep surroundings of Palampur taking you back in times of the old hill station vibe. The place is famous for its authentic pottery work and terracotta museum. Come here to view the artwork and have a friendly conversation with locals to add new experiences to life. 

5. Chamunda Devi Temple

One of the most significent places to visit in Palampur is Chamunda Devi Temple. It has a most promising location on the banks of the Kangra River. Holy shrine for Hindus is situated at a 10km distance from the Palampur’s central area. The temple belongs to 16th century time filled with complete religious sanctity. 

If you have few more days to spend in the nature paradise of Himachal Pradesh, then extent your trip from Palampur to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj.

Best Hotels to Stay in Palampur 

Staying in Palampur is not a hassle for travelers of all kinds. There are a plethora of hotels spread across the hill stations to make your stay comfortable.If you want to stay close to nature at the top of the hill, then do look for the best hotel near tea gardens in Palampur, like that of Justa Palampur Resort & Convention Centre. This one luxurious resort offers the splendid staying pleasure at the top of the mountain while overlooking the magnificent view of the snow-clad Dhaualadhar Range. Come here to witness nature’s beauty at its with one side having the hills and the other side surrounded by green lush gardens. Moreover, the luxurious hotel in Palampur is best for honeymoon couples, families, business professionals, and solo travelers.

Hotel near tea gardens in Palampur

How to Reach Palampur 

* Reach by Road

Swiftly reach Palampur by road without facing any hassle. The road condition from Delhi to Palampur is smooth and effortless. You can travel in your own personal vehicle or take a regular and direct bus service from Delhi to Palampur.

* Reach by Train

The nearest railway station to Palampur is Maranda or better known as Palampur Railway Station. Talking about the road railway station, then the nearest is Pathankot (112km).

* Reach by Flight

There is no airport in Palampur. The nearest one is Gaggal which is like 37km away from Palampur. You can take a flight to Gaggal and take a cab to reach Palampur. The other route travelers can take is a direct flight to Dharamshala and then take a cab to Palampur. 

Final Note 

Explore the less known frontiers of Himachal Pradesh like Palampur in the Kangra District. Experience the unbeatable beauty of Dhauladhar Range, Tea Gardens, River Stream, Monastery, and much more at the same place as Palampur.

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