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jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort Goa

Have a Peaceful Time Staying @ juSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa

For visiting Goa, you do not require a strategic travel plan or the best time to visit Goa. It is one of the splendid, beautiful, and vibrant coastal paradise in India which is open 365 days a year for travelers. Even explorers from all around the globe prefer to get amazing suntanned at Morjim beach Resort of Goa. 

A tropical land full of magnificent beaches, far-stretched shorelines, quintessential cuisines, and the list of luxury resorts and cottages call travelers from far off places. Your travel plan is incomplete without paying at least once a visit in a lifetime to the magnificent Goa filled with innumerable experiences of beaches, water sports, beachside dining, best party zones, Goan cuisine, and the luxury of resting bang on the beach.

If you have made up your mind to explore the beautiful coastal regions of Goa, then choose to stay in the peaceful, tranquil, and unbeatable surroundings of Morjim Beach. One of the quieters clean, and best beaches of Goa invite explorers from various parts of the world to see the sun-kissed ocean water, relaxing time, and unforgettable party mode. 

Why Stay Near Morjim Beach in Goa?

jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa

Morjim Beach is one of the finest beaches of the North Goa region, which is basically on the quieter side. For those wanting to stay in the natural surroundings of the beach with having cool breeze flowing 24/7, less crowded areas make them feel peaceful outside and savour the flavors of best cuisines at the beachside restaurants, Mojrim beach is your pick.

Unlike the crowded areas of Baga Beach, Colva Beach, Varca, or the Candolim beach, Morjim is more on the peaceful side with having less inhabitants for all those looking to connect themselves with nature without much noise and ruckus.

Another reason, to find the best resorts in Morjim and book your stay is to experience an international level travel experience, close to the lively surroundings of Russian people around. It is because Morjim beach is also known as Little Russia with has several Russian people living around that give you a chance to meet new and interesting people while staying. 

What So Special About Morjim Beach Goa?

* The close Russian inhabitants is one of the reasons to stay near the famous Morjim beach. Apart from that, the place is known for the presence of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in several numbers that make you fall in love with the same. 

Come here to see the real-time rows of turtles on the beach, create amazing pictures and shoot Instagram reels to capture best beach resorts in morjim.

* For those like lazy evenings by simply strolling on the soft sandy beach, grab a drink on the beachside cafe, or want to savour the delectable delights of Goa while watching the serene waves, for them Morjim is the best place to stay in Goa. The beach offers plenty of things including watersports, beach strolling and more. But most importantly is the presence of several sunbeds, shacks, and restaurants to savour your treat.

Best Place to Stay in Morjim

Luxurious Resort in Goa

No need to devote endless hours to finding the luxury resorts in Morjim, when you have the place ready right here on the beach i.e. Justa Morjim Beach Resort. A luxurious and splendid resort spread across a wide acre area bang on the beach will make you feel the presence of sun-kissed ocean at day and uber-cool night from your room quarters. 

Get a 24/7 gaze of the shuffling water of the ocean from the resort itself that gives you a delightful experience like a true celebrity. It’s an intimate property of Justa group of luxury resorts & hotels which is strategically located on the beach itself while giving you an ideal experience of beachside sit out, enhanced relaxation, private beach access, outdoor pool, and more.

Intricately designed luxurious resort in Morjim, it showcases a traditional style of artistic appeal in its interior. The moment you enter the resort, you will get the fulfilling pleasure of a complete royal world inside which is just the exact opposite of the outside tropical vibe. 

Book your stay at Justa Morjim Beach Resort to take the pleasure of a direct beachside accommodation experience. Apart from that get indulged in countless activities like water resorts, luxury dining on the beach, outdoor pool experience, serene walk around the lush greenery, and more.

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