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Plantation & Conservation of Gingko Tree at jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala

Perfectly nestled in the Shivaliks and greatly influenced by the Tibetan culture, Dharamshala is one of the best mountain places to explore in India. Close to the famous Mcleodganj and strategically located around the lush green tea gardens and surrounded by majestic Dhauladhar Range. Dharamshala is a couple and family-friendly and ideal backpackers’ destination to unwind relaxation, nature view, adventure, multi-cuisine meal pleasure, and experience the Tibetan spiritual significance around.

The famous and the most visited staycation place in India is also known for its years of conversation of plant species and trees. For a long time, natives and the authorities have indulged in the process of preserving the magnificent green vegetation around tea gardens, forest areas, at the hills, and other areas around.

One of the spectacular conservations of flora in Dharamshala followed at the hill view jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala resort. The best 5-star resort in Dharamshala located on the hill surrounded by tea gardens and snow-capped mountains has recently indulged in a sophisticated plantation drive.

The officials at the jüSTa Birding, Dharamshala, have started planting Ginkgo trees all around the area. Not just any ordinary tree, but a rare to find species of vegetation that outlived the dinosaur’s era, several Ginkgo trees have been planted on the land of the best luxury hotel in Dharamshala.

One of the oldest living tree species in the world, the Ginkgo tree is the sole survivor of an ancient group of trees that date back to before DINOSAURS roamed on earth- a creature that lived between 245 and 66M years ago. The extreme example of Ginkgo tenacity may be seen in the HIROSHIMA, JAPAN where 6 trees growing between 1-2kilometers from the 1945 ATOM BOMB Explosion were among the few living things in the area to survive the blast. Surprised to know the fact that there are only 6 Ginkgo trees in one of the areas of Kamakura, which is a city in Japan.

Thus, come to the extravagant and heavenly paradise of Dharamshala and book your stay under the lap of perfect luxury at jüSTa Birding. Catch glimpses of ancient origin Ginkgo Tree and other attractions of the resort-like bird and paragliders view from room windows, limitless quaint surroundings of hill, breathtaking sunrise view, delectable cuisine, and more.

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