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Quintessential Delicacies in jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa for a Soulful Experience 

Goa, an ultimate tropical paradise not just for Indians but also for international travelers is round a year tourist destination. Sandy beaches, crystal clear water of the ocean, amazing nightlife, delectable seafood, colorful marketplace, and vibrant crowd are usual things of Goa that make this place special. 

Another best place to find is famous food to eat in Goa covering an extensive range of seafood dishes, Maharashtrian style delicacies, Mexican, Italian, and other sorts of meals to try. If you like to experience the unbeatable pleasure of sandy beach, cool breeze hovers around your room near the beach, modern-day luxury, and of course, Goan special delicacies, then book your stay at jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort. 

A Luxurious Beach Resort in Goa 

jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa

When it comes to visiting and exploring Goa at its best, nothing can beat the pleasure of booking your stay near the beachside accommodation. Apart from several crowded beach areas where you do not want to stay in the humdrum of people around, look forward to booking at a tranquil location. Morjim beach area is one such place in the midst of peaceful surroundings, less crowd, magnificent beach beauty, lush greenery, and exquisite vibe prevails all around. 

Book a room at jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort and embrace the beauty of the sun-kissed sandy beach in the North Goa region. A luxurious, perfectly settled in the middle of a sandy beach and rows of palm-fringed trees, the resort is a quiet place for travelers of all types. Find here the persona of artistic beauty inside well-settled guest rooms, take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, and walk a few steps to the beach to chill or simply gaze at the ocean. 

Try Quintessential Delicacies at Beachside Resort 

A trip to Goa is unfulfilled without a beach excursion, enjoying the nightlife, walking across the greenery, meeting new people, and trying local delicacies. Find this resort as the best place to eat in Morjim and stay in the lap of unbeatable luxury. The resort features an outdoor yet specifically themed restaurant called Wireroom that offers an exquisite range of delicacies as per your taste palate. 

Set in the serene surroundings of the Wireroom restaurant in the Morjim beach area and try a vast array of dishes to give a distinctive taste to your tongue. Here, we have enlisted a few dishes served at the restaurant directly taken from its menu. 

* Cheddar Chilli Croquettes

* Schezwan Hare Mutter ki Tikki

* Sizzling Spicy Tofu

* Baked Mushroom

* Tandoori Malai Broccoli

* Rock & Stone

* Buffalo Wings

* Grilled Chicken Fajitas

* Tiger Beef Chilli

* Ajwaini Fish Tikka

* Spicy Calamari

* Mexican Chicken Tacos

* SeaFood Tempura

* Fire Eater

* Vada Pav

* Mediterranean Lamb

And, the list goes on. 

There is more to try and satiate your hunger at the best restaurants in Morjim while staying at the magnificent resort. Situated in the central part of Goa allows you easily access the famous tourist attractions, visit several beaches, and off-beat places, and do much more as per your requirement. 

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