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SABOR | Best Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Udaipur

Welcome to THE SABOR, where multiple cuisines come together to create something magical! Our restaurant includes a gourmet bakery with sinful treats! You can also enjoy our Barbeque and Teppanyaki counter. We at Sabor, strive to deliver a great overall experience not only in terms of the food we serve but also with our service. Here’s hoping you keep coming back for more!


All Day Dining, World Cuisine Restaurant

SABOR is positioning itself as a unique food destination in Udaipur. Sabor, the restaurant on the ground floor has a long live kitchen where chefs can rustle up everything from Middle Eastern mezze platters to lal maas and delicious tagliatelle made from scratch. The restaurant also benefits from a dedicated pastry section where chefs produce delicious and whimsical treats such as activated charcoal croissants fresh every day. 

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All Day Dining

All-day dining experience. It’s the globe on a platter. It’s a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience for visitors and the local populace.

Birthdays & Events

Birthday parties are not limited to some fun at home. Ditch the tedious rituals of birthday and plan a fantastic birthday party with SABOR in Udaipur with the stunning views of Monsoon Palace.

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Extraordinary. An elite standard by which you judge rest of the restaurants. Staff always ready to help, extreme cleanliness, posh atmosphere and delicious food with perfect delivery. You may think about coming again if you wish to taste a particular kind of cuisine.
Anjali Sahitya

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