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The Top Two Delicacies Of Udaipur: Dal-Baati-Chorma and Laal Maans

UdaipurDal-Baati_Chorma and Laal Maans are two of the most popular and traditional dishes of Rajasthan. While one is a vegetarian favorite, other is a non-vegetarian one enjoyed best with missi roti.


This dish is a combination of three essential components i.e. Cooked dal, baked whole wheat dumplings and a dessert known as chorma. While baati consists of salted dumplings, chorma is made from unsalted baati which are deep-fried, mashed and thereafter mixed with sugar, ghee and dry fruits. Over the time Dal-Baati-Chorma has become a staple food that makes a constant presence at fare, weddings and festivals.

Where To Eat

While there are countless places to try this famous Rajasthani dish, our vote would definitively go to Santosh Dal-Bati and Restaurant.


Priced at a pocket friendly rate of INR 150, a single plate of ‘Rajasthani Special Dal-Baati-Churma’ comes with 3 pieces of Baati (roasted/boiled), Churma, Dal, Besan Gatta Rice, Papad, Butter Milk and Chatni.

The plate is fascinatingly executed with thick baati and flavorsome dal. The best way to eat dal baati is to crumble some baati over a spoon full of dal, squeeze some lemon over and then taste.

The last part of the meal consists of buttery sweet, sandy textured soft Chorma. Extremely tasty and filling, chorma is the most indulging way of ending your meal!

Laal Maans

Popular known as Red Meat, Laal Mans is yet another famous non-vegetarian Rajasthani delicacy of Udaipur. The peppy red curry owes it color to the red chilies added to the dish. It is served with yogurt, in order to cool down the spicy effect. The most loved combination is that of Laal Maans and Missi Roti, prepared with besan and aata.

Where To Eat

Located 15 minutes away from the Old City, Lal Bagh Restaurant is a great place to eat Laal Mans in Udaipur. You can sit in the outdoor garden, enjoy live music at night and partake mouthwatering Laal Meat. The ambiance is absolutely romantic with beautiful silk canopies and alluring fountains. Not only this, the restaurant aims at using organic ingredients in its dishes.


The restaurant serves yummy Laal Maans at a pocket friendly price of INR 280 and Missi Roti at INR 30, loaded with chopped onions and green chilies. You can also ask for crushed spinach and fenugreek leaves to be added to the dough. Apart from this, the restaurant also offers North Indian menu with lip smacking delicacies such as Kadhi Pakora, Keema Baati, Gatta Curry and many more.

So, while in Udaipur don’t forget to try out these appetizing dishes!

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