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Top 3 Beaches Hosting New Year Party in Goa

The tropical paradise, Goa beats every destination in India, when it comes to enjoying the high-octane and vibrant new year party in Goa. December is that time of year  that gives you a whole new experience of Goa which is truly immersed into party mode at the famous beaches, live music, dance, delectable treats, and much more to experience like never before. 

Undoubtedly, Goa offers the unbeatable experience of giving adieu to the current year on a happy note. And, welcome the new year with much zeal, excitement, and energy. Choose to have Goa as your best place to celebrate the new year, especially on the amazing soft sandy beach and see all the craziness around, fireworks, zest, and best of coastal treats all around and staying at best resort in goa with private beach.

But where exactly to celebrate the new year in Goa?

Well, we recommend the three most exotic beaches of Goa to find the most insane and hypnotic new year party organized for you to experience the pleasure of a lifetime. Get ready for a wacky new year celebration in the company of your friends, spouse, or even find new and interesting people in the bash and that too on the coastal charm of the beach area. 

Morjim Beach, Goa

1. Unlimited New Party Fun at Morjim Beach Goa

One of the best place to celebrate new year in Goa is definitely at the quieter, beautiful, and tranquil beach of Morjim. Better known as Little Russia due to the significant presence of Russian people around the corner, the beach place hosts exhilarating new year party bangs on the sun-kissed beach and that too in spectacular surroundings of the ocean and cool breeze flows all around. 

Come to Goa for a year-end vacation and most importantly to celebrate the zeal of the new year with a never-ending party mode. In order to enjoy the amazing trance music and listen to the beats of live techno artists, there is no better place to book your accommodation near Morjim Beach Goa, specifically at the luxurious and beachside Justa Morjim Beach Resort. Nothing compares to the sun-kissed beach vibe of the resort that gives you the advantage of staying at the front of a dwelling ocean and has direct access to the soft sandy path of the beach just outside your room.

jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort

Book your stay here to experience the shades of world-class luxury in North Goa. And, most importantly, indulge in an incredible new year celebration on the beach, specifically hosted by the resort itself. There will definitely be music, dance, and unlimited fun you can best have in goa.

2. New Year’s Eve Celebration at Marbela Beach Resort

Another best place to get indulged in quite a celebration of the new year on the quintessential Morjim beach is at the Marbela Beach Resort. Simply come here to take part in live performances and music sessions by local performers on the beach itself. One can rest for a while at the beachside shacks overlooking the magnificent Arabian Sea and make the most out of nature’s beauty.

The Marbela Beach Resort organizes a vibrant new year celebration on the  beach itself calling all the part animals on different stages. Also, experience the best Goan culinary delight and drinking pleasure while participating in the coolest bash of all time.

3. Just Be at Curlies, Anjuna to Celebrate New Year

No matter, if you are staying at a luxury beach resort in Morjim Goa, you can take part in multiple new year celebrations at different beaches of the coastal paradise. Get ready to participate in one of the best beachside nightclubs at the Curlies on the Anjuna Beach. Just a short distance away from Morjim Beach, the Curlies in Anjuna is an open nightclub, located on the soft sandy path of the beach and calling all the partygoers to experience relentless party fun. The place offers the best open beach party on the new year’s eye and the day after and has the most active beach shacks for all the travelers around. 

Final Words 

Make your new year event be special, unforgettable, and best immersed into a beachside party experience by celebrating at Morjim Beach Goa. Also, have a restful and luxurious stay at Justa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa to indulge in beachfront beauty, party, and culinary delight.

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