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Top 5 Romantic Gardens For Love-Birds In Delhi!

Believe it or not, Delhi is a haven for love-birds. Be it summer or spring, one can’t fail to spot couples wandering hand-in-hand at every corner of the city. For every love ridden soul, there are oodles of romantic places in this amazing city. We have listed for you top 5 romantic gardens where you can spend some quality time with your beloved (you might find the idea of going to a garden outdated, but what’s love without being a little cheezy?)

1. Rose Garden, Hauz Khas

Exactly opposite to the famous Deer Park at Hauz Khas, is the Rose Garden that has become a loved spot for the couples. This garden might not house roses, but surely gives the impression of a national park with plethora of beautiful birds and tall trees. This monsoon, take your darling to a ‘walk in the forest’. The garden is open from 5.30 am and entry is restricted after 8.30 pm.

2. Roshanara Bagh, North Delhi

One of the best Mughal gardens in India, Roshanara Bagh is located near Northern Ridge and can be reached easily through a cab or an auto from Delhi University. It was laid by Shah Jahan’s daughter, Roshanara, in the year 1650. Even when the garden has lost most of its past grandeur, it is very popular among the love-birds and students alike. Roshanara garden is open from sunrise to sunset daily.

3. Parthasarathy Rocks, JNU

Offering a picturesque view of the sunset among the peaceful surroundings, Parthasarathy rock is a wonderful amphitheater in Jawaharlal Nerhu University (JNU) Campus. The area encompasses numerous rocky hills and the gem among them is the Parasarathy Rock, more commonly known as the PSR. With an abundance of wildlife, it is the highest natural point in Delhi. PSR is an amazing place for spending some quality time with your loved one.
4. Talkatora Garden, President’s Estate
Talkatora Gardens is situated on the Mother Teresa Crescent near President’s Estate. This place attracts a large number of tourists for it offers a beautiful experience of lush green meadows and water bodies. Talkatora Gardens can be an ideal place for enjoying a romantic date with your dear one. (FYI the entry is free!)

5. Garden Of Five Senses, Saket

Located on Mehrauli-Badarpur Road in South Delhi, The Garden of Five Senses is a quite yet beautifully romantic place to take your beloved to. This place offers ideal privacy for the couples. There is also a shopping court and four amazing restaurants in the garden, that makes this place extremely popular among families and couples. The most popular restaurant in the area is FIO Country Kitchen and Bar. Don’t forget to take your girlfriend here!

So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and ask your girl out for a romantic date!

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