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Kumaon Delight and Leisure with Jungle-Uttarakhand

Kumaon Delight 

“The Land of Gods”, Uttarakhand, boasts an enchanting background of the mighty Himalayas, distinctive culture, and diverse natural surroundings. Blessed by the magnificent natural abode of lakes, holy rives, snow-clad mountains, spiritual centres, and breathtaking landscape, Uttarakhand is broadly divided into two regions i.e. Kumaon and Garhwal. Referring to the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, which is in the northern end of the state to Tibet, there are some exhilarating and best places to visit in Uttarakhand. If exploring the varying regions of the state, which having best things to do in Uttarakhand while having a rendezvous with the Himalayas, then spare your schedule for the best tourist places to see in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. 

Kumaon region, Uuttarakhand

Explore the serenity of nature trails, trekking paths, lush green mountains, ravishing lakes, enrapturing flora and fauna in the Kumaon Delight tour of Uttarakhand. For those who wish to experience nature in the sublime at close quarters, then the Kumaon travel package is the one that offers you a combination of stunning locations like Nainital, Almora, Ranikhet, Kausani, and Corbett National Park.

Witness a distinctive nature’s beauty, undiscovered peaceful heavens, culture, people, and food in different Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand. We offer you this  well-integrated Uttarakhand tour package deal to experience a different side of the state and get immersed into the unforgettable pleasure of nature retreat.

Indulge in the adventurous trek, lake activities, short hike, explore the rich biodiversity, nature walking, and so many different activities to witness in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The purpose is to see nature’s delight at close quarters and the other side of the Land of Gods which is particularly dedicated to breathtaking landscapes all around.

Not to forget is the wildlife encounter in the dense and lush forest area in the Corbett region that brings a sheer thrill & adventure at the same time.

Now, do include the Kumaon travel plan in your Uttarakhand travel diaries and let us serve you better and in a cost-effective manner. 

Leisure with Jungle 

“On one side, we had the refreshing gateway to the land of serene lakes, green hills, nature immersed sites and tranquil ambience. And, on the other side, we cannot stop praising the Almighty’s creation of enchanting wildlife species, rich biodiversity, and their home full of dense forest spread across acres of land”. 

Experience the unforgettable Leisure with Jungle travel retreat covering the two most enchanting and best places to visit in Uttarakhand, i.e. Corbett National Park and Nainital. A 4-day getaway to a distinctive nature paradise is something hard to ignore when you are thinking of a small break from mundane life. Simply experience something breathtaking, adventurous, thrilling, and feel the tranquillity inside while exploring the varying regions of the two destinations. 

When we say find your leisure in the jungle, then it’s all about experiencing your closeness to the amazing nature, its surroundings, and species around. A day trip to the thrilling Corbett National Park gives you a chance to see the royal majestic beauty of Tiger and catch glimpses of other predators and species around. The dense forest area and animal sound echoed all through the surroundings provide you with a sense of thrill and excitement that can only be found here. 

Jungle Uttarakhand

Explore the other side of Uttarakhand which is Nainital in the famous Kumaon region. Find your refuge here under the realm of serene lakes, lush greenery, majestic hills, delectable food delights, and more. Cover the best places to visit  in Nainital in our tour package to witness distinctive beauty at different spots like Nainital, Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchiatal, etc. 

Simply delve into an unbeatable travel pleasure of finding retreat and leisure outcomes with Jungle, mountains, lakes, green terrain, and more. Stay in touch with us to plan ahead your journey for the next 4 days.

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