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‘The Wellness Retreat by FreeWheelingLife’ at jüSTa Mukteshwar Retreat & Spa is an attempt to help us find some answers which lie nowhere else but within. It’s getting out to ‘go within’. A bespoke getaway to mindfulness. Set against the backdrop of mighty Himalayas. The start beauty of which, leaves you awestruck and humbled, the retreat is a joint effort of jüSTa Hotels & ‘FreeWheelingLife’ to bring you some quiet reflective moments, deep diving within your soul through immersive experiences.

Housed in the tiny village of Mukteshwar, a well-kept secret of Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand, the newest addition to the jüSTa Hotels portfolio, the space is built to reflect, to go inwards and is a perfect spot to rejuvenate and explore yourself.

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What Can You Expect?

The retreat attempts to bring to you healing sessions for the body and the mind with our mind and body therapist and Ayurveda and Yoga Expert. We attempt to show you the beauty of the place through local curated experiences. Evenings would be kept warm, fun & joyous with some interesting activities under the clear night sky of Mukteshwar.

The 3 Days 4 Nights session will begin with some Yogic Movements for the body in the morning followed by a session in soul work including with some Breathwork, Meditation, Exploratory Past Life Regression session, a small session on journey to manifest your life’s desires. Late afternoon will have some flavor of the land built in with some curated local experiences for those who wish to explore the gorgeous landscape. Evenings would have one bonhomie with our theatre performer, storyteller and an astro photographer who will engage in some happy moments.


Holistic Wellness with

Richa Khurana

Indulge in nature, treat yourself with laughter, spiritual & physical wellness programs, local experiences, astro photography, storytelling and off course, a lot of fun.

These retreats are curated by the well-known wellness and sustainability evangelist Richa Khurana Singh who has experimented with various modalities of healing and wellness. Founder of Freewheeling Life, Richa has been a hotelier by resume with decades of experience with luxury hospitality brands.

Wellness is all about a healthy body, a sound mind, a tranquil soul; in fact, it’s a reflection of happiness!


Embrace Yourself With

Ujjwal Batra

Everyone is gifted, in one way or the other; but some gifts don’t develop until a certain stage as nature has always provided us with exceptions.
Ujjwal Batra is a Mind-Body Therapist who has been working with across all age groups for many years now. His work within the healing sphere has been highly acknowledged and well received. He believes in the art of psychology and is deeply fascinated by it.

Ujjwal is a blessed child from birth and started his spiritual journey at a very young age. Alternative sciences and spirituality are his passion and his belief in the power of healing is commendable; his knowledge and experience is par excellence to say the least. The growth and awakening achieved by the people he has facilitated, many of whom are healers and coaches themselves, stand testimony for his skill, experience and success as a therapist.

Recharge With

Nasir Engineer

Nasir is the Co-founder and Former Artistic Director of Improv Comedy Bangalore (ICB), an Improv Theatre Company. He has developed a culture of Improv performers and enthusiasts in the city of Bangalore for 5 years. He founded and directed India’s first Improv festival – The Bengaluru Improv Festival.

He has performed and curated over 100 shows across India and facilitated workshops for beginners, performers, artists communities and corporate clients namely Google, Uber, Philips, Decathlon, BCG, Paper Boat and Sony.

Start your Yoga Journey With

Anuradha Gupta

Anuradha is a passionate and earnest wellness and yoga expert who has created a niche for herself in the Food and Wellness industry in a relatively short span of time.

Endorsing a diet full of local, seasonal foods made using traditional methods of cooking, she inspires people to incorporate it all seamlessly into their modern day to day life. Over the last few years, she has conducted numerous online and offline workshops, talks and one-to-one program to share her knowledge of living a conscious, rich and healthy life, taking into account the body, mind and spirit. She is on a personal mission to help people create a more healthy and heartful life which is a perfect amalgamation of our rich Indian traditions and modern city lifestyle.

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“Embrace a Relaxed and Natural Way of Living.”

The amount of knowledge that I have obtained at Free Wheeling Life is life-changing. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience of all teachers. So I grew an enormous amount intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.
Aditi Arora

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