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While Shopping In Delhi, Make Sure You Know These 3 Bargaining Principles!

Apart from being a culturally and historically rich city, Delhi is also an amazing place for shopaholics. Shopping is something you can’t afford to miss, while in this city. Whether you are on your own in Delhi or with some local acquaintance, you must always take along some bargaining principles to apply in the local markets. If you still haven’t tried your hand at negotiating, don’t worry for we have done the homework for you! Here are the top bargaining tips you will be requiring while shopping in the local streets of Delhi:

1. Come Down To 50%
The first principle of bargaining says “half the price”! Yes, you heard it right. Whatever it is that you desire to purchase, DON’T settle at what the seller has quoted. In order to make the negotiations begin, come down to 50% right-away. It is also essential to decide the price, in your head, that you are willing to pay. Once decided, just stick to that price. This will help you to either get the item or take a chance at another shop!

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away!
While trying to settle a price, never be afraid to say Nai bhaiya thankyou! and walk away. By showing the will to leave the desired item and walking away, you will potentially have an upper hand in the deal. This is because, generally, the same items are available at a number of stalls in the same market, hence the competition is always high. Most of the shopkeepers will not let go of a customer. Don’t get disheartened by a failed bargaining attempt. Take a walk around the market and learn about the prices, before making a purchase.

3. Don’t Forget To Ask For Extra Discount On Bulk Items
When you are buying multiple items from the same shop, don’t hesitate to ask for some additional discount. This will help in significantly lowering the price and will also be beneficial for the seller as you might end up buying some more stuff or tell others about the shop.

Bargaining is a game of interaction and anyone can master it with patience and practice. So, the next time you go out in Delhi’s local markets, just be a little more interactive!
Happy Shopping!

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