jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa

luxury beach resort in morjim, goa

With feet digging into the soft sands the waves almost kissing your feet, jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa is as close as luxury can get to wet its feet. Located on the beautiful Morjim beach, this boutique 4-star resort is itself a mesmerizing destination.

Escape from the everyday grind of life and embrace the beauty of the sun-kissed beach in North Goa. Find your route of beachside stay endowed with luxury, spectacular & 24/7 ocean view.  Gaze at the changing natural canvas at its best at jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa. A defined luxurious resort in Goa, right on the beach, is a perfect place to admire the tropical beauty of the place at its best.

Take a much-needed break from the mundane life and book your stay jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa to experience the extravagance of the majestic sea. Witness the unbeatable beauty of the sea with waves gushing every second and the natural sound of which bring eternal solitude to the inner self. Find the never-ending beauty of stunning sunsets while sitting at the beach or walk the line towards a soft path to make a connection with nature.

An intimate property at the beach offers beach sit-outs, vibrant staying pleasure, optimum level of luxury, and quiet services. Book your accommodation at the beach resort in Goa, completely endowed with luxurious rooms, sun decks, outdoor sit-outs, private beach access, gardens, and more.


stay @ juSTa morjim

Truly a piece of heaven on earth, with a private beach along with never-ending tropical water of the sea in front of guests. Simply check into the world of breathtaking rooms that make you wake up in the morning with the soft sound of waves and rising sun lighting peeps inside the rooms. Experience a luxurious beachside living pleasure with free-flowing space inside Superior Rooms, Premier Rooms, Deluxe Rooms or Suite. Get the impressive 180-degree beach view, direct beach access, modern-day amenities inside, and a natural flow of lighting.

dining @ wire room

Embrace the beauty of the sea while having the added pleasure of a sumptuous meal served inside a picture-perfect Wireroom restaurant. A thoughtfully designed restaurant in Goa is enriched with a spectacular interior and beachside ambience. Let the delicious meal come directly from the kitchen of experienced chefs, serving special Goan cuisine & wine on the table. Also, taste the delectable picks from the Indian, Continental, and other multi-cuisine to ideally satiate your hunger.

best beach destination wedding resort in goa

Nothing is ever more romantic than saying your wedding vows on the sandy beach. Let the waves, sun-kissed beach, and natural ambience around be your witness in a luxurious beach style wedding. Welcome your close ones in a maximum capacity of 100-150 at jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort, Goa, for a cinematic style beach wedding with a special arrangement made by the resort. Host your special event in the majestic vicinity of the sea with a bridge and groom walking across the soft path of the sandy beach and nature bestowing blessings at its best.


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