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Chittorgarh: The City of Romance, Chivalry And Tragedy


Established by Bappa Rawal in the 8th century, Chittorgarh is an epitome of the glorious past of the Rajputs. This city is the land of forts and its ancientness is believed to date back to the time of Mahabharata. The Chittor fort holds a very dear place in the history of medieval Rajasthan apart from being a pictorial hilly sight with beautiful temples and shrines in the complex. The fort is encased by the heroic deeds of the Maharanas. The city is the home of poetess Meera Bai, the spirited devotee of Lord Krishna.

The Three Famous Attacks On Chittor

During its great history of over 1200 years, this city was attached thrice. The first siege was set out by Alauddin Khilzi, in 1303, who desired to possess Rani Padmini, having heard of her unmatched beauty. While the Rajputs died fighting, advocating their honor, Rani Padmini along with her family and friends jumped into the pyres, committing Jauhar.

The next attack happened in 1535 when the Chittor fort was seized by Sultan Bahadur Shah’s forces. It was during this attack when Sultan Humayun received a Rakhi from Rani Karamwati, asking for help. Unfortunately, she had already committed Jauhar upon his arrival.

The last siege of Chittor is the most famous one. It was laid in 1567 by Akbar, who successfully captured the Chittor fort upon victory.

Explore Chittor’s Historical Grandeur at jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace, Chittorgarh Resort

Strategically located in the middle of a private lake, jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace, Chittorgarh Resort was fostered into a splendid palace, from a hunting lodge, by Raja Jitendra Singh Rathore of Ralavata. The resort is encompassed by enthralling Aravalli hills and abundant wildlife. Lake Nahargarh Palace offers forty lake view rooms set around a lush central courtyard, sure to give you a royally memorable experience. The resort is also an ideal location for taking vows in the spectacular backdrop of the picturesque landscape and lake.

Which Way To Take?
Here’s how you can reach Chittorgarh:
By Road
Chittorgarh can be reached by the state-run buses via NH 76 and 79. The city is also connected to Udaipur via state highway.

By Air
The closest airport to this city is located at a distance of 100 kilometers in Udaipur.

By Train
Chitorgrah Junction Railway Station connects Chittorgarh to all major cities of Rajasthan by rail.


For the natives, the city of Chittorgarh stands as an essence of sacrifice, freedom, bravery and honor. This year, make sure you add this ancient city to your bucketlist!

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