jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa, Mashobra

5 Star Luxury Hotel & Resort in Mashobra

Immerse yourself in the magnificent sanctity of peace and nature by staying luxurious at jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa. Unique heritage and one of the quintessential luxury resorts in Mashobra is located straight into the lap of nature surrounded by hills and greenery dispersed in all directions. In winter, this spa resort in Mashobra near Shimla offers an extravagant outlook of soft snow across the area and a breathtaking view of snow peaks from room windows. Come here to unwind yourself into the realm of natural serenity, listen to birds chirping, and experience the unforgettable sunrise view from the hotel, and nearby attractions. For adventure seekers, it is an ideal place to accommodate that features nature trails and treks starting from the hotel’s location itself. 

jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa welcomes guests coming here from different parts of the country and abroad to find solace in nature. The resort has 28 luxurious rooms filled with modern-day amenities and world-class facilities to find an upscale level of comfort. Guests of all age groups will find their choice of activities in one of the best hotels in Mashobra like fine dining, kids zone, spa, heated swimming pool, and more. 


stay @ jüSTa cliffend resort & spa, mashobra

The 28 well-settled rooms at jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa reflect the ambiance of a private yet elegant space with the finest amenities inside. The external beauty of nature, view and sanctity offer an exceptional experience to stay for long. Even the interiors obliged with rustic yet traditional wooden work, spacious beds, and upscale amenities offer subtle luxury and sensibility reflecting jüSTa style at its best.

dining @ sabor

“Sabor” depicts the meaning as flavor. Here at jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa find this best restaurant with a view of Mashobra and a rich assortment of delicacies served. A multi-cuisine restaurant at this hill resort in Mashobra with having the specialty to offer delectable meals in a 24/7 running environment. Filter the choice of Indian and international choices of meals available on the Sabor menu and indulge in flavorsome pleasure. Specially prepared organic dishes from the resort’s own Herb garden and open-terrace dining are something hard to miss here.

aromatic coffee break @ kaafal

Nothing beats the pleasure of having a hot cup of coffee in hand and your sight stick to the majestic beauty of the hills and greenery around. Kaafal, a cafe at jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa is best located in the natural setting of mountains and beauty. Taste the Himalayan snacks clubbed with your favorite choice of caffeine or any other beverage served inside.

recreation @ air bar

Breathe fresh air into the relaxation mode at Air Bar. A premium hill bar for guests to unwind on a comfortable couch, enjoy a favorable cocktail, and indulge in memorable conversation. Air Bar is a perfect place to drink, dine, and create memories while experiencing the breathtaking view outside. The bar offers a wide selection of premium alcohols and mocktails along with an extensive line of snacks

plan your destination wedding in mashobra

Wedding into the hills comes to alive when you book the banquet hall at jüSTa Cliffend Resort & Spa-Restaurant, Cafe & Bar. A beautiful destination wedding venue in Mashobra in the lap of nature and limitless hill paradise. Celebrate life and togetherness by arranging a wedding or any other traditional ceremony at the spacious, well-equipped, and decorated banquet hall. Moreover, find here the exquisite blend of Indian, Continental, and other natural foods and drinks served for the guests.

Sky Above • Cliff Within • Earth Below

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